I am a character creator.

They begin as 6 inch/ 15 cm tall lifeless pieces of porcelain and wire.  Slowly, meticulously, they are transformed – upcycled with leather and lace, cogs and chains,  wires and  wonders into miniature adventurers, inventors, elegant ladies carrying intricate devices and top-hatted gentlemen wearing goggles or sporting a mechanical limb perhaps.

Each is unique – individual.  Each has a story – where he is travelling, why she wears that mask, what he is creating in his oak-panelled study…

Here each one’s story will unfold.  Perhaps you will be interested – entranced maybe.  It is even possible that you will wish to make some of them your own and explore their world further.  If so, head to the store and discover them at the link below.  Every man has his price, and every woman, too.

Steampunk Dollshouse

At the very least, enjoy their stories.

What IS Steampunk?

Perhaps you are new to steampunk and would like to understand what it is.  If so, here are a couple of links to help you.

This is a link to an explanation penned by Ruby, one of our younger characters.  Sadly, Ruby’s admiration for the steampunk genre has not yet encouraged her to dispense with the random overuse of the words ‘like’ and ‘y’know’ in her conversation, so you may prefer to listen to a more measured and coherent description.  In which case, I’d suggest watching the following  video: