Technological advances

20170220_142157Now this is the technology I feel most comfortable with – the glorious make-do-and-mend in which quite humdrum objects are cunningly combined and formed into wondrous contrivances (in time-honoured steampunk style, I feel).

Take Penelope here:  Like all the characters at the Steampunk Dolls’ House, she began life as a rather dull, soberly dressed figure.  (Just imagine how complex the manoeuvres with our time machine were, to enable us to bring you this ‘before and after’ picture.)

After much padding, cutting and stitching, she cuts a fine figure, I’m sure you’ll agree.

20170210_142107As for contrivance, well don’t let her know that I’ve shared this information with you – heaven knows what she’d say – but the stick of her parasol was fashioned from a cotton bud stick, covered in copper tape (sold to gardeners as a slug repellent). The shade itself was moulded over the cap of a roll-on deodorant – lace and garden wire struts stiffened with PVA glue, before being covered and trimmed with fabric and lace.  A few beads were added top and bottom, and her accessory was complete.

I am far less comfortable with the technology involved in social media, and it was not without considerable difficulty that I endeavoured to produce a Facebook page to showcase the items featured in Steampunk – Shrunk.  If I have achieved my goal, followers of that page should be alerted to the publication of this post … and by visiting this link:  you should be able to visit, like and follow that page.

I trust that you will make that journey smoothly, and not become irretrievably lost in some etheric time warp.

Felicitations, until next time.

Jack Dalrymple and his Mechanical Arm

“The Kraken, Mr Dalrymple?  Are you teasing me a little?” Grace asked.
She so wanted to believe his story, but was determined not to be taken for a fool.

img_20160719_150349-2“I assure you, Miss Templemann, I would not dream of doing anything so ungentlemanly. All I have told you is the truth. I was crossing the Northern Sea in my airship, when a huge green tentacle appeared from far below and, as I explained, rendered most of my arm useless.”

“So how did you survive this fearful attack?” she enquired, glancing at the mechanism which controlled his beaten copper arm.

A shadow crossed Jack’s face as he recalled the event and he gave an involuntary shudder.
“Fortunately it was only my left arm that was attacked. I took my knife and sliced through the beast’s appendage, which fell to the base of the gondola. The creature chose not to waste any more in a further attack.”

“You poor man!” Grace cried, staring deep into his eyes.

Jack flushed slightly at the attentions heaped upon him by the beautiful redhead.
“And what of you, dear lady? For I see that you, too, are waiting for a check-up with Oscar Kopp, the genius who fashioned my mechanical arm, and managed to save my hand. Is your enhanced arm also the result of injury or disaster?”

img_20160710_145925Grace gave a throaty laugh. “Good gracious no! I asked Oscar to build me this dart launcher so that I might protect myself from attack when I embark on my expedition to darkest Africa. One simply can’t be too careful. I’ve been wearing it for a month and he is due to make any necessary adjustments before my departure on Saturday. But tell me more about your device. It looks most tremendously complicated.”

“The mechanism is mainly to enable me to utilise my hand in a natural fashion, despite all the nerves and musculature having been destroyed,” responded Jack. “As for this chain -”

But he was unable to finish, since at that moment a door opened and Bjorn, Dr Kopp’s half-human, half mechanical assistant emerged, immaculately attired as always, and called, “Next.”

Grace rose to her feet. “It’s been delightful to meet you, Mr Dalrymple,” she smiled.

“The pleasure has been all mine, Miss Templemann,” responded Jack. “I wish you well in your African adventures.”

“This way, Miss,” said the assistant, and Grace was ushered through into Oscar Kopp’s laboratory.

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Henry Fotherscue and the Temporal Transformer


“Would you care to take some tea, Mr Fotherscue?” asked Alice, sweetly.
“Tea?” Henry remarked abruptly, as if being jolted back from more portentous considerations. “Oh yes, if you wish.”
“Darjeeling or Earl Grey?” she persisted.
“Uh, the second one,” he responded as he unstrapped the heavy contraption from his back, placed it carefully on the floor and slumped into the richly upholstered chair she indicated.

Delicately – Alice performed every act with delicacy – she poured the beverage and handed him his cup.
“Uncle Ambrose will be here shortly,” she smiled. “He had a few errands to run.”
“Right you are,” said Henry.  Then he stopped and looked at Alice with a degree of interest which had hitherto been lacking. “So you are Ambrose’s niece? Do you live with him here?”
“I lost all I had, including my parents, in the Resplendian Uprising when I was just fourteen.  Uncle Ambrose was kind enough to take me in.  I act as his housekeeper, and his workshop assistant, when required.”
She didn’t add that this service had only been required on a single occasion, and then only for approximately six minutes, when her uncle had needed someone to turn a wheel while he checked a mechanism from beneath. Normally he allowed no one near his workshop – not even to dust.

Steampunk Explorer 'Henry' Dollshouse Scale 1/12th

Henry Fotherscue looked duly impressed.
“You are indeed fortunate to live with such a brilliant inventor. Are you, then, familiar with this device?”
“It’s the Temporal Transformer,” Alice replied, in as casual a tone as she could manage. As luck would have it, she had been eavesdropping from the drawing room on the day Henry had first collected it from her uncle, and had overheard a good part of their conversation.

Henry nodded. “It’s been playing up,” he stated. “I think maybe the elephant was a mistake – in more ways than one.”
“Elephant?” Alice enquired, with a slight gasp.
“Hmm. Ambrose warned me not to attempt a transformation with anything too large. But, I mean to say, how large is large?  I’d avoided bridges, airships, buildings and so forth, but the locomotive had worked just fine. You should have seen the people’s faces when it appeared in the middle of a market in 1542! The elephant, though – well – not so easy to control.”
“I’m sure,” murmured Alice, weakly.  “So – forgive my ignorance, Mr Fotherscue – but when you make a temporal transformation, do you then travel with the object?”
“Well obviously,” Henry replied. “How else could I bring them back?”
“Oh yes, I see,” lied Alice, flushing slightly.  “More tea?”
“Perhaps,” he said, absentmindedly.  “The thing with an elephant is, you can’t tell what it’s going to do from one moment to the next. Not at all like a machine. And the transformer hasn’t been the same since.  I do hope Ambrose can fix it.”

‘So do I,’ thought Alice, grimly. She wouldn’t have wanted to be in young Henry’s shoes if her uncle’s prize invention had been ruined.





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