Delores – standing for a photographic sitting

20160925_114618_resizedAllow me to introduce myself – Miss Delores Mayfeather.

Well, appearance is everything, wouldn’t you agree?  It’s the details that matter and I should never permit myself to be seen in public without looking my best.
I understand from my eccentric but knowledgeable friend Professor Erazmus that in another dimension it is all the rage to produce ‘selfies’ – images of oneself contained in a small glass device.  Imagine being able to photograph oneself, whenever one pleases!  I feel I should fit well into that culture.  Nevertheless, in mine, I must content myself with ‘sitting’ (although I was compelled to stand, which was most fatiguing) for a photographer named Miss Podmore at her studio in Lexden Gardens.

Steampunk Lady 'Delores' Dollshouse Scale 1/12thI was delighted to discover a female photographer – such a pleasant change from those rough-spoken men – and this lady was both polite and a master of her craft.

She showed me a range of canvas backgrounds – ‘drops’, she called them – and allowed me to select a few.  Naturally, I selected images of cogwheels and machinery, the better to display my mechanical arms.

Had you not noticed them?  They are most cunningly designed to augment my natural muscles and to allow me to utilise super-human strength – an ability most necessary for a young lady when walking in the streets of London these days, in my opinion.

Steampunk Dollshouse Portrait 1/12th ScaleMiss Podmore was kind enough to say that I made a most agreeable subject.  She even asked my permission to display a copy of my photograph in her studio.  Naturally, I agreed.

I shall definitely use her services again.

Should you wish to view or purchase a miniature copy of my portrait, simply click here.

I myself can be found at this address.

So delightful to have spoken with you.  I must now hasten away to oil my arms.  The weather does not agree with them at all.

All change at the Steampunk Dolls’ House

Two of the gentlemen from our collection – img_20160804_092230-1Alex, the young adventurer whom regular readers last met on an airship journey (here, for anyone who missed it) and img_20160712_175139James, a debonair gentleman carrying a telescope and sporting a very unusual monocle – are about to embark on a new adventure.

They are leaving our Shropshire stock room, to begin a perilous journey via the postal service, to their new home.

We hope they won’t find the journey too traumatic (What am I saying?  These gents live for adventure!) and that they will be thoroughly appreciated by their new custodian.

Meanwhile, new stock will be arriving any day in the shop, as we branch out to include a wider range of items and prices to suit every pocket.

Alex and James are unique, one-off creations and won’t be replaced, but there are plenty of other characters there and new ones will arrive in due course.  If you’d like to visit the shop, please click this link.  Our range can also be seen here at Steampunk Junkies.


The Scrying Room

As promised, the first of the steampunk-themed rooms has now joined the items for sale at the Steampunk Dolls House shop on Etsy UK.

Professor Erasmus, in his black and gold smoking jacket and cap, stands, deep in thought, staring into the domed scrying glass set into his bench.  Ancient books, contraptions and receptacles of various kinds surround him or lie on shelf behind him.  An elaborate system of chains and pulleys hang from the ceiling and above the wooden wall panelling, the cogs that control various clockwork mechanisms can be glimpsed.

There are several other images and more details available on the site.

20161230_192628-1The scrying room was created by Matt, the shop’s owner, while Erasmus was made here in my workshop, to Matt’s specifications.

I’m currently working on a series of framed portraits of the shop’s characters, with help from the ‘effects’ button on my phone.  These should be available in the shop soon.

Here is a sepia toned photograph of Erazmus, to give you an idea of how they will look.

You can find full details of the scrying room by clicking here.

Maybe I’m biased, but I think, considering the hours of work and craftsmanship that went into it, it’s very underpriced.  See what you think.