20160925_115957_resizedMeet Bella, one of my favourite steampunk creations.

The ballgown I fashioned for her has a black brocade skirt, trimmed with metal beads and cogs.  The bodice and sleeves are made from pale grey leather and black lace, heavily embroidered with watch parts.

Some costumes work better than others and Bella’s suits her personality well.  I was going to make her a headdress of some kind – perhaps a veil over her face, made from the same lace that covered her bodice.

20160925_120249_resizedBella was adamant, though.  She wanted a mask.

I’d never made one before at that scale (1:12).  I used a piece of lace, stiffened with several layers of PVA to make the mask base.  Next I raided my box of watch parts.  Two pieces (called, I think, ‘flirts’) took my eye.  Wired together, they made a skeletal stag’s head shape.  20160925_120128_resizedTiny coils of brass wire formed the eye spaces and cheekbones.  Minute cogs and chains were stitched into the spaces, and there was Bella’s mask.

Now she can decide whether to wear it on top of her head or as a mask.  She normally chooses the latter, though.  Bella enjoys retaining an air of mystery and keeping her identity concealed.

If you would like to visit Bella in her temporary home at the Steampunk Dolls’ House shop, click here:

If you’d like to give her a permanent home, she is available for sale.


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