All change at the Steampunk Dolls’ House

Two of the gentlemen from our collection – img_20160804_092230-1Alex, the young adventurer whom regular readers last met on an airship journey (here, for anyone who missed it) and img_20160712_175139James, a debonair gentleman carrying a telescope and sporting a very unusual monocle – are about to embark on a new adventure.

They are leaving our Shropshire stock room, to begin a perilous journey via the postal service, to their new home.

We hope they won’t find the journey too traumatic (What am I saying?  These gents live for adventure!) and that they will be thoroughly appreciated by their new custodian.

Meanwhile, new stock will be arriving any day in the shop, as we branch out to include a wider range of items and prices to suit every pocket.

Alex and James are unique, one-off creations and won’t be replaced, but there are plenty of other characters there and new ones will arrive in due course.  If you’d like to visit the shop, please click this link.  Our range can also be seen here at Steampunk Junkies.


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