Technological advances

20170220_142157Now this is the technology I feel most comfortable with – the glorious make-do-and-mend in which quite humdrum objects are cunningly combined and formed into wondrous contrivances (in time-honoured steampunk style, I feel).

Take Penelope here:  Like all the characters at the Steampunk Dolls’ House, she began life as a rather dull, soberly dressed figure.  (Just imagine how complex the manoeuvres with our time machine were, to enable us to bring you this ‘before and after’ picture.)

After much padding, cutting and stitching, she cuts a fine figure, I’m sure you’ll agree.

20170210_142107As for contrivance, well don’t let her know that I’ve shared this information with you – heaven knows what she’d say – but the stick of her parasol was fashioned from a cotton bud stick, covered in copper tape (sold to gardeners as a slug repellent). The shade itself was moulded over the cap of a roll-on deodorant – lace and garden wire struts stiffened with PVA glue, before being covered and trimmed with fabric and lace.  A few beads were added top and bottom, and her accessory was complete.

I am far less comfortable with the technology involved in social media, and it was not without considerable difficulty that I endeavoured to produce a Facebook page to showcase the items featured in Steampunk – Shrunk.  If I have achieved my goal, followers of that page should be alerted to the publication of this post … and by visiting this link:  you should be able to visit, like and follow that page.

I trust that you will make that journey smoothly, and not become irretrievably lost in some etheric time warp.

Felicitations, until next time.

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