Holographic Reflections

20161230_192628-1Professor Laszlo Erazmus here.  Delighted to see you all again.

I felt it was high time I updated you on the comings and goings at Steampunk-Shrunk Towers, now the plague doctors have departed and life has returned to what passes for normal hereabouts.

Mrs S has survived the strange times and is currently hunting in various attics and cobweb-coated cupboards for the last few items to be restored to our virtual shop.  The stock room is full to bursting and our resident tinkers are bearing the thoughtful expression which presages a burst of frenetic activity, usually resulting in more interesting gizmos and gadgets for sale.

12th scale Holographic Hand Mirror  Steampunk Dollhouse gold without ringI am kept busy producing my holographic hand mirrors – a modest contribution to the SteampunkDollsHouse‘s stock, but definitely a best seller, with many five star reviews to their credit.  Miniature Photographic Studio  Model Photographer and Shop in image 0However I did permit myself a brief respite to visit the photographic studio of one of our newest residents – Mr Harold Wallington.  I’m sure you’ll agree that his photographic portrait (above) captures my likeness rather well and I would earnestly recommend his services should you wish to procure an image for yourself.  Mr Wallington and his shop can be found at this link.

We look forward to welcoming many of our patrons back to the shop in the ensuing months and indeed to take Steampunk-Shrunk out into the wider world once again as long as the plague continues to subside.

4 thoughts on “Holographic Reflections

  1. Hello Jan
    How are you? It’s ages since we have been in touch.
    I had a heart attack in December and quite poorly for a while. Am on the mend and slowly doing more physical activity.
    I’m in the middle of an early years book – maybe you would like to write an endorsement?
    I would like to buy the witches room – pay end of month? One request – is it possible for her face and hands to look more ‘weather beaten’? Brownish?
    Lots of other things I’d love but finance limited!
    Much love

    Dr Sue Jennings

    Trainer, Supervisor, Author

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Strange times indeed, Bob, but yes, we’re still here.
    Missed your comments on the janonlife blog recently, but WordPress seems to randomly stop followers from seeing posts every so often, so maybe you haven’t been seeing them. Hope you and Cynthia are both well, anyhow. – Jan x


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